Monday, October 22, 2012

A School that Practices Learning-Literacy : 2¢ Worth

A School that Practices Learning-Literacy : 2¢ Worth:
"So, a school that practices learning-literacy will be a school where:

  1. The distinctions between teacher and student begin to blur.
  2. There is less reliance on textbooks and authority, and more reliance on the work of learning.
  3. There is a natural convergence between the rich information skills of literacy and numeracy and the information and data that define the content areas.
  4. Teachers teach from new learning, as master learners.
  5. Digital Footprints become a central part of the school’s culture, building evolving personal and school identities based on learning and “doing” with the learning.
  6. The library magnifies the world outside, but also reflects the culture inside, curating collections of learner produced media products.
  7. Where learners learn, teachers model learning, and the school teaches the community.

How does this ring for you?"

I added the bold on the first point because I think this is the most significant point of a great list of significant points. Learning takes place when a group explores, someone needs to moderate and that is the role of the teacher. Point 5 is what I'm trying to get done; digital footprint is the product created and published from the process of learning. This is what we need to focus on over the coming year.

I also think my problem of coming up with the new labels has been solved: Student is changed to learner and teacher is changed to master learner.

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