Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Primary source activities aligned to the Common Core « History Tech

Primary source activities aligned to the Common Core « History Tech: "I do think that most history teachers incorporate the sorts of things that the Common Core is encouraging – though not often enough and not as intentionally as they should. So their question about “what it looks like” is a good one. So today some examples of how you might use primary sources to align your instruction with Common Core standards.

My first suggestion is that you head over to my Common Core and the Social Studies Classroom page and browse through some of the stuff that’s over there. Tim Bailey has a great article that we link to and there are some helpful videos of classroom examples. You’ll also find a great resource from the Smithsonian called Engaging Students with Primary Sources that gives some specific classroom examples. We will continue to add new and useful goodies to that page so you might want to bookmark the page before you’re done there.

The thing that I really like about the CC is that as part of the ELA standards, K-12 students must use evidence as part of their written arguments. Students also learn to"

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